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Rik Johnson's 1993 Mercedes 500E



Rik is well known in the internet automotive forum community as '2phast'. I met Rik a few years ago to buy a set of pedals from him I bought through eBay. I drove my '87 190E16v to meet him and we started talking and he introduced me to 190revolution.net and for that matter the forum community as well. His 500E is very nice and if you know of Rik, it gets nicer everyday. He's constantly improving and upgrading his car with innovative and clever ideas. I'm not going to get into all he's done to this car here, you can visit his website for all that. His website 2phast.com is very well known in the Mercedes Forum community and if you haven't visited I highly recommend you do. He has a lot of helpful info for the do-it-yourselfer.


Rik's also helped me a ton with building this website. I didn't know anything about this stuff, so thanks Rik!!



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