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Derik Oakley's 2004 VW R32



For those who don't know, the VW R32 was a special model that was only produced for model year 2004 and only 5000 were imported into the US. Built on the same platform as the Audi TT, this car is well sorted and the build quality is excellent. It's quick, nimble, sounds great and has all the luxury of a fine european sports car. Even if you're not a big VW fan, you have to dig this car. Fit and finish are what you'd expect from a high-end european car, but like any car there's always room for improvement.


 Derik's is a super clean example of how nice these cars are, with his own touch of a few subtle and tasteful mods. These are some early pics soon after he purchased the car new. He started with window tint, a Kamei sport grille and a set of angel-eye projector headlights.


The interior really sets this car apart from other VW's, with fine stitched leather seats, shifter and steering wheel contrasted by brushed stainless trim. At night the red and blue gauge and switch illumination looks really cool, and Derik has continued that theme with the install of a Kenwood DVD system that matches the illumination colors. The install is so clean it looks like a factory option, but this is no factory system. The sound is incredible, and the DVD comes in handy for watching movies on the way to track days.


  With a 240hp 3.2l VR6, all wheel drive and a 6-speed gearbox with factory short shifter, this car really moves. Derik has cleaned up under the hood and color matched the engine and battery covers. He's also added a Carbonio carbon fiber cold air intake. Performing the exhaust flapper mod to keep it open combined with the intake makes this car sound incredible. You'd think you're sitting in a Ferrari from the sound of it.   



Here are some more recent pics after a long detail and adding a set of 19x8.5" Maya STM Hyper Black wheels. These new wheels really show off the big factory front brakes. Derik always keeps his cars spotless and you can see the detail by the reflections in the paint. Check out the cloud reflections on the hood, pretty cool. Next on the list of mods is a height adjustment with a set of springs and shocks and maybe some track pads for a little better braking.


Don't think for a minute this car is just for show or cruising to the grocery store, Derik is a true car guy and loves track days as much as the rest of us. Here are some pics of an open track day at Bremerton Raceway a bunch of us went to in October 2005. Derik was tearing it up, surprising most the BMW's, Porsche's, STi's, and Vette's.


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